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Navigating Transformation 

An organization cannot use yesterday’s methods for today’s work and remain successful in tomorrow’s business. Donald Houde, president of Houde Consulting and a Business Analysis Expert, develops client partner relationships that enable organizations to adapt for tomorrow through creative analysis, efficient implementation and strengthened harmony.  We work collaboratively with client partners to create a process driven implementation strategy that informs, leads, mentors, empowers, and trains all levels of an organization; from the executive or visionary level, through integrators, to producer level team members. We focus our independent perspective and expertise on the partnering organization’s structure, culture, resources, expertise, communications strategies, technical architectures and other cornerstone characteristics.  This identifies the client partner’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so they can be understood and evaluated alongside the many internal and external factors that influence an organization’s success. 
Navigating successful transformation by galvanizing an organized group of individuals begins through transparent communication and focus upon a common set of goals and objectives.  To guide the individual transformation into an aligned organizational progression requires collective and collaborative planning, process, coaching, communication, partnership, expertise, wisdom and dedication.
Donald Houde and Houde Consulting are expert guides on that road to transformation.

Providing a clear path to success.

"The only constant in business is change."

Donald Houde and Houde Consulting help navigate that change.


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